Harking from Philadelphia, PA, Chris Paterno quickly made a name from himself, connecting with 9-time Grammy-winning producer, Joe Nicolo. Together, they released Paterno's group, the Chris Paterno Band's, debut EP, which notched over 20 write-ups and features on sites such as Mainline Times, Audio Fuzz, Punchland, That Music Mag, Impose Magazine and more. Joe had this to say about Paterno, "I love the way Chris mixes the 70's horn sound (blood, sweat & tears) with rootsy folk. People will have a love/hate relationship with his voice, and I mean that as a true compliment. You want to sound unique. Saying that you don't sound like anyone else is probably the biggest compliment I can give an artist."

Paterno found success as a songwriter in 2017, receiving accolades from the SongDoor International Songwriting Contest and the USA Songwriting Competition. He's excited to taste his first bit of success in Nashville as part of the Dreamlined team.