Daniel Smalley

Daniel Smalley is a singer/songwriter who resides in Nashville, TN.  A native of Shreveport, LA, Smalley has been playing music for more than 24 years and writing for the last 12. Having grown up with musical influences that span from honky-tonk and country & western to gospel, rhythm & blues and Classic Rock, Smalley's sound has often been described as part of the recent 'real country' movement.  Artists like Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapelton, Jason Isbell and others have lead that movement and Smalley could be next on the list. It's not hard to see the potential when you watch Smalley play and listen to him sing. 

After years of playing local gigs in North Louisiana and even leading the house band for one of the largest Honky Tonks in Texas, Smalley spent a few years battling personal demons and ultimately coming face-to-face with his own mortality. Lucky for him, Faith in God and the limitless love of a good woman brought him back to Earth and put him on a path that would lead to the recording of his second self-produced album, The Perfect Formula and a permanent move to Nashville to pursue his dreams.

 "I changed. Period. I spent so much time sabotaging myself, self-destructing, and holding my career in limbo. Whether drinking myself into an ignorant stupor or smoking my mind away, it was always Me holding myself back."

Over the past decade, he has shared the stage with Randy Rogers, The Turnpike Troubadours, Sammy Kershaw, Craig Morgan, Cody Canada, Travis Meadows, Ryan Bingham, Jason Boland, Billy Currington, Justin Moore, John Conley, James Leblanc, and many more.